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CHONG Jiexiang Aloysius

Chief Executive Officer and Executive Director
SIMPPLE's CEO, Aloysius Chong

Mr. Chong is our co-founder and Chief Executive Officer. He has been serving as our director since our inception. Prior to founding our Group in 2016, Mr. Chong founded Homebots Pte Ltd, a distributor of consumer floor cleaning and window cleaning robots, in 2016. Mr. Chong is also a shareholder and a director of IFSC Founders Pte. Ltd. (our Major Shareholder) and a shareholder of Mains d’Or Investments Limited (our Controlling Shareholder and also a Major Shareholder). Mr. Chong is a graduate of the National University of Singapore (2005-2008) where he received his Bachelor of Business Administration. Mr. Chong is a shareholder of Mains d’Or, our Controlling Shareholder. We believe that Mr. Chong’s extensive experience in our industry make him a valuable addition to our Board.

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